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The S Factor

Vision over vitriol.

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Some of you may not be ready to handle the material I post. I've taken plenty of heat for it, but I think we all should be vocal in what we do and do not support. I, for one, underwent a change in my political views, from that of Democratic to Republican.

Now, some of you may wonder what exactly prompted my change. The full reasons are in my LJ, it is one of my initial posts so you will have to go pretty far back in my archive. However, essentially the reasoning for my change is that there has been far too much hate and vitriol coming out of the American left today- especially towards President Bush. That's what prompted my shift out of the Democratic Party, and after further research on the issues, I realized liberalism wasn't for me. Since then I've been branded a Benedict Arnold by Democrats, but I don't mind that- they call everyone who opposes most of their stances a traitor- observe what they have done to Zell Miller.

Now, on to my political philosophy. I'm a strong social conservative, and a strong economic conservative. Let us cover social conservatism first- I believe that public society is a very fragile thing, and that it is filled with people of many varying points of view. Therefore, we must be careful in what we allow and do not allow in public domain, because those decisions have a tremendous influence in the direction of our society. That leads to my primary belief as far as social policy goes: you should be free to do whatever you want to do, as long as non-consenting bodies are not involved. By consent, I mean TRUE consent- not pressurized or forced consent. I also define "bodies" as any person or potential person, therefore my stance against abortion. Public domain is filled with people who may not consent to your actions, therefore, public domain must face strong social policy- though in private, you should be given much leeway with what you do, as long as you're with consenting people or by yourself. This explains my view on allowing drug usage in private, but discouraging and banning it in public. Whatever is done in public has a profound effect upon society- and therefore influencing non-consenting people who may believe differently from you. Hence social conservatism, and the reason for it.

We should also strive to promote morality and ethics, and therefore the government should provide benefits to those who choose to follow the path of decency and morality, thus endorsing it. Those who choose not to go down that path are free to do what they may- among consenting bodies- and they should realize the government may not provide them with benefits or endorsements, as they are going against the common good of the society.

On to economic policy. I believe the best way to keep an economy going is to minimize government controls, and streamline everything as much as possible. That's why I support tax cuts, even if some of those cuts also benefit the rich. Business owners invest their money into their operations, thus benefitting workers and the economy as a whole. The tax code must be streamlined, perhaps even turned into a flat tax, so that we don't waste so much time and effort going through our monster of a tax code- plus, this would prevent people from getting off the hook on loopholes, and benefitting from things that most people can't benefit from (the rich often take advantage of these loopholes). Social Security must be reformed, so that those of us who are younger will actually get our benefits out of it- hence the reason for privatization, offering people a choice to invest. The Social Security tax is the biggest thorn in the side of lower and middle class America, and as a result, reform is needed. Democrats simply don't provide this reform.

There is, however, one economic area in which government control is necessary- free trade. We have gone entirely too far in promoting free trade agreements which benefit third world countries and places like China and India over our own common good. Such agreements are hardly "free" at all, and we must either negotiate truly fair free trade agreements, or we should engage in a moderate degree of protectionism to protect US industry and US workers alike. Coming with this, however, should come cooperation from unions and the workers of America to stop demanding so much of our businesses, for demanding too much makes hiring American workers unattractive, leading to more outsourcing/offshoring. Through reforming Social Security and giving people more choice in healthcare (such as being able to buy health insurance out of state and limiting state regulations on healthcare), businesses won't have to pay out as much for worker healthcare and retirement funds, and thus hiring American workers will become attractive again. Unions and "worker's rights advocates" must take this into consideration in today's global economy.

My views on foreign policy and security are simple: I'm a hawk. If someone attacks the United States or plans to attack the United States, we must stick it to them. If that involves pre-emptive attacks, so be it. Evil must be fought with strength, courage, and intelligence. I believe that evil DOES exist in this world, and Osama bin Laden proves it. I am not a moral relativist- I'm a moral absolutist. There exists good and bad, there exists right and wrong. We must eliminate the latter in both cases. We must take whatever risks, take whatever action is necessary, to eliminate terror and the threats facing us today- even if France has a problem with it.

I do, however, think we must be "intelligent hawks." There are certain problems we have created in the world for ourselves, which we can easily solve, if we are willing to let go of our pre-eminent biases. For instance, the issue of Israel is one which I differ strongly with most conservatives on. Israel is an ally, but it is not an ally that we should sell our soul to. The Palestinian people are not all terrorists, and by being an honest broker in the Israel-Palestine conflict (or staying out of it entirely), we would significantly lessen the amount of hatred for our nation in the Arabic world. We must be honest, or the Arab world will never be honest towards us. And that is the honest truth.

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